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    Guide to Scholarships for International Students in USA


    As someone who has successfully secured a $100,000 scholarship as a high school student in the US, I am eager to share my secrets and help others achieve their dreams of studying abroad on scholarships. Whether it’s for high school, bachelor’s, or master’s programs, my service covers it all. Prepare to take the leap and study abroad, let’s make it happen together!

  • This image is of casting manager Nida Irfa Ali, also known as Nida Qazi in Pakistani drama industry. This imgae is all about pakistani drama professionals standing at the office of a TV channel. Its all about how to become an actor, pakistani drama industry, voice over jobs, auditions, jobs in media, casting manager, pakistani dramas, top actors of pakistan, and jobs in pakistan 2024

    How to Join Pakistani Drama Industry


    Learn insider tips and tricks on breaking into the Pakistani drama industry like a pro in this exclusive 1-hour online session with a seasoned casting manager.

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    Talking Therapy


    As an online talk therapist, I’m here to give you the support you need. Let’s work together to help you feel better and find your inner peace.

  • It is about talking, therapy for teens, online talk therapy, talking therapy

    Talking Therapy For Teens


    I specialize in working with teens to navigate through their emotions and problems. Take the first step towards healing and growth with me.